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    Be Your Own Boss

    Learn more about the benefits of starting a career as a child care provider, or having your child cared for in a loving home on-base.

Family Child Care - (2 Wks - 12 Yrs)

If you are in need of quality child care the Family Child Care (FCC) Program could be for you! FCC has licensed FCC Providers in Laughlin Air Force Base housing areas. Any adult offering regular child care in privatized base housing MUST be licensed according to their lease contract. FCC homes offer an inviting setting, with a family atmosphere, where your child can participate in quality developmental activities and be properly supervised by a trained professional. The FCC Program is open to active duty military dependent children, Department of Defense (DoD) Appropriate and Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) employee dependent children, contract employee dependent children, and reservist dependent children on their duty weekends or two-week tours.

Play, Learn & Grow Together

Have you recently PCS'd to Laughlin Air Force Base or returned home from a deployment? If so, you may qualify for FREE CHILD CARE through the Family Child Care Program.

A variety of care is available including, PCS Care, Deployment/Remote Child Care, UTA Child Care, Subsidy, hourly care, Extended Duty Care, full-time care, part-time care, night and weekend care. The individual family child care provider sets the fees. These programs are listed in detail in the sections below. For additional information, please contact the Family Child Care Office.

  • PCS Care

  • Deployment/Remote Care

  • UTA Child Care

  • Subsidy

  •  Hourly care

  • Extended Duty Care

Start your own business by becoming a Family Child Care provider!

Provider Perks

  • Own your own business and make money as you raise your own children
  • All required toys, equipment, safety and health supplies needed to begin your business are provided to you free
  • Resume and career builder
  • Opportunity to receive education leading to National Accreditation
  • Introduction to a new career path in Early Childhood Education
  • No licensing fee

Why choose the Family Child Care Program?

What We Offer

FCC is flexible

- Many providers can respond to the unique needs of military schedules such as weekends, evenings, and intermittent care.

- Care is available for infants six weeks to school-age children in one home, so siblings can stay together.

- Settings for children who do best in small groups.

FCC is safe

- Every provider and household members age twelve and older have in-depth background checks.

- Provider's homes are inspected by the Fire, Safety, and Public Health Departments annually or more.

- Unannounced home visits are made by the FCC Office to the home to ensure compliance with all regulations at least once per month.

- Only six children can be in care at any time, including the provider’s own children under the age of eight. Only two of these six can be under the age of two, including the provider’s own children.

- Providers purchase their own daycare liability insurance.

FCC is well-trained

- Providers have the same orientation training as all CYP employees, including CPR, First Aid, health, sanitation, food handling and disease prevention, child growth and development, child abuse prevention and reporting, appropriate guidance, setting up a home environment, USDA policies and menu planning and business practices before getting licensed.

- Providers complete military standardization modules to ensure they operate a developmentally appropriate home with developmental activities.

- Assessments of each of the fifteen modules are conducted to observe providers doing developmentally appropriate hands-on activities in their home.

- Providers join a network that meets monthly to exchange views and train on special topics relating to their profession.

- The FCC Office continually works with providers to provide training, support, equipment, and guidance.

FCC is quality

- Providers participate in USDA and serve nutritious meals.

- Providers follow the "Creative Curriculum" and offer a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities for children to enjoy.

- Providers work towards their Child Development Associates (CDA), a national child care credential, and National Accreditation through the National Association of Family Child Care (NAFCC) showing their expertise in the field.

- Financial assistance is available to children on the CDC waiting list which allows parents' fees to match what they would pay at the CDC.

We welcome providers and staff with Special Needs or Chronic Health Issues

What We Offer

Basic Requirements to Become an FCC Provider

- Be 18 years of age or older

- Speak, read and write English

- Attend 36 hours of Orientation

- Proof of Immunizations

- Have a high school diploma or equivalent

Getting Started

The FCC Office will guide you through the licensing process and assist you with establishing your business. All training requirements mandated by AFI 34-144, Jul 19 for FCC providers will be provided prior to the home being licensed.

Training will include child abuse identification and reporting, appropriate guidance, discipline techniques, food handlers, medication administration, learning environments, safety, health, and fire regulations. In addition, you will complete 15 specialized modules that will educate you on everything from home safety and health to set up your environment during your first 18 months of license.

For additional information on starting your FCC career call for an appointment at 609.562.2729.

FCC is always recruiting providers for all types of care:

  • Full-Time
  • Infant & Toddler
  • Before & After School
  • Hourly
  • Evening
  • Weekend Duty
  • Extended Duty
  • PCS / Volunteer
  • TDY & Return Home Care
  • Special Needs & Chronic Health Problems (Children with asthma, cerebral palsy, physical impairments, etc.)
  • Affiliate (providers not residing in base housing)
Child Care Service Providers

We Are Hiring!

The Laughlin Air Force Base Family Care Provider Office is currently recruiting new providers. Prospective providers are trained, screened, and approved by applicable agencies. The FCC Panel meets to approve or disapprove applicants. All orientation trainings are free and are held in the Child Care Office. Anyone who is interested in becoming a licensed FCC provider must contact the FCC ot NAF HR Office.

Description of a child care provider:
  • Flexible/Full time hours

  • Coordinate and conducts activities for program participants

  • Promotes safe and healthy practices

  • Maintains professional attitude with children, parents, and staff

  • Inventories equipment/supplies for daily use

  • Develops social and physical skills for children

Special Offer

Additional Information

Family Child Care Providers undergo stringent certification requirements: 15 Family Child Care Virtual Lab School Courses (approximately clock hours), monthly unannounced home inspections, yearly background investigations, annual training (24 hours), and certification in ServSafe and CPR/First Aid for children 2 weeks to 12 years.

According to our Air Force Instruction (AFI) 34-144, 11.17 states, “Residents providing uncertified child care residing in government owned and privatized housing are notified of the requirements when providing care for more than 10 hours a week. Uncertified care will be investigated by the Family Child Care Coordinator, accompanied by the Flight Chief or Force Support Squadron Commander/Director (or designee). The individual will be provided with a written request to complete the certification procedures and to cease providing care until they become certified. Security Forces will be contacted if there are suspected violations of law and the Family Child Care Program notifies the Privatized Property Management office.”

Websites & Resources

Tips when selecting a child care provider

  • The relationship between Provider and Parent should be viewed as a business, with your most precious asset involved.
  • Ask to see the home and don’t be afraid to ask questions that concern you.
  • Read the contract thoroughly. If there is something in the contract that you disagree with, discuss with the Provider. Make sure all changes are in writing. If they are not willing to make compromises, decide whether you can live with the decision and if you cannot, find another provider that better fits your needs.
  • If you see something in a home that makes you uncom­fortable about leaving your child in that home, please call the FCC Coordinator. Our goal is to ensure that all homes provide quality care.
  • Visit the home during child care hours. Are the children playing happily? Are they clean? Are the children doing the activities that are posted on the schedule?
  • It is a requirement of the program that a signed contract between the provider and the parent is accomplished prior to care being provided. The contract will include hours of operation, fees, payment schedule, provider’s and child’s vacation, sick leave and absences, responsi­bility for alternate care, and termination policy.

Child Care You Can Trust

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