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Mail Center

The Official Mail Center (OMC) at Laughlin Air Force Base serves as the primary mail facility for the units stationed on the base. Unlike a public USPS Post Office, the OMC operates exclusively to handle official mail. To ensure proper handling and adherence to regulations, all individuals designated as appointed users of the OMC undergo training conducted by the Official Mail Manager (OMM) before being granted approval to utilize the center's services. This training ensures that personnel are knowledgeable about the proper procedures and protocols for handling official mail. By maintaining a dedicated OMC, Laughlin Air Force Base ensures efficient and secure mail operations for its units, supporting the overall mission and communication needs of the base.

  • Enlisted Dorm Members

    Enlisted Dorm Residents receive their mail at the communal boxes located at the dorms. Packages pick up is located at the parcel lockers located in front of Hangar 47. Oversized packages may be located at the Official Mail Center.
  • Officer Dorm Packages

    All Officer Dorm Residents will receive packages to Building 320, Room 2212 located on the second floor.


Undeliverable items due to

Undeliverable items due to: Address unknown, addressee temporarily away, misspellings, address errors, missing/incorrect information, no rural route or box, incorrect ZIP code, change of address, forward order expired, address vacant. DO NOT MAIL Hazardous, restricted, and perishable items are prohibited in the USPS mail stream. Below are examples of materials that cannot be sent. This is not an all-inclusive list. If in doubt, please inquire with staff.

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  • Mail Center

    Alabama Ave, Laughlin AFB, TX 78843

    Hours of Operation

    • Mon - Fri
      1 - 5:30 pm
    • Sat - Sun
    • Family Days & Holidays