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Professional Development Center

The Professional Development Center is dedicated to furthering professional enhancement programs for all personnel assigned to Laughlin AFB. These services include NCO and SNCO Professional Enhancement Seminars, Flight Leaders Course, Informed Decision Seminars, First Term Airman Course, Career Counseling and additional briefings or professional development events as needed.

The Development Advisor is also available to a variety of individuals such as installation commanders or superintendents on enlisted retention and force management issues. The advisor counsels supervisors to ensure they understand the best routes to increase the development in their subordinates and assist in setting up professional development classes for Laughlin personnel. 

  • Who is the Development Advisor (DA)?

    The Development Advisor (DA) is the central resource to counsel Airmen on reenlistment, retraining, entitlements, and Air Force benefits. Additionally the DA is the enlisted advisor to Commanders and Senior Enlisted Leaders (SELs) on force management directives, career opportunities, and Air Force restructuring challenges. The DA overseas the Wing's professional development programs by executing development and leadership seminars.

  • I am a First Term Airman. When can I retrain?

    First Term Airmen can start the retraining process during the 35th month of their enlistment for four year enlistees.

    For six year enlistees, the retraining process begins during their 59th month of their enlistment.

    If interested in retraining into a SPECWARFARE career field, please contact the Development Advisor.

    To begin the retaining, please contact the Development Advisor.

  • NCORP (Career Airman Retraining)

    Career Airmen Retraining is for all Airmen who have reenlisted.

    The program takes place in 3 phases:

    • Phase 1: Open Season. Will not accept ETP.
    • Phase 2: Mandatory Retrain.
    • Phase 3: Open Season. ETPs accepted.

    For more information please contact the Development Advisor.

  • How do I reserve a room at the Professional Development Center?

    Call our front office at 830-298-5456 to reserve any of our classrooms. Classrooms are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. Note: Professional Development will take priority.

  • What courses are offered at the Professional Development Center?

    The Professional Development Center offeres a wide vartiety of courses to include:

    • John Maxwell Material
    • Four Lenses 
    • Simon Sinek Material
    • Personal & Professional Development Courses

    These courses are a professional development tool open to total force Airmen (military, GS & NAF employees, and contractors.) 

  • Where do I go to find out what Professional Development Courses
    are taking place this month?

    Each month the Professional Development Center creates a list of programs offered. This list is available in weekly "XLer" email and also sent to all (Senior Enlisted Leaders (SELs), First Sergeants, and Superintendents. Please call the Professional Development Center for more information on registration and programs offered. 


  • Professional Development Center

    201 Mitchell Blvd, Second Floor, Room 203, Laughlin AFB, TX 78843

    Hours of Operation

    • Mon - Fri
      8 am - 4 pm
    • Sat - Sun
    • Family Days & Holidays